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Breast Lift (Mastopexy): Surgery, Cost & Turkey


More firm and lifted breasts can give you a magnificent self-confidence. Thanks to the mastopexy procedure, achieving this is now quite easy. Mastopexy is performed in Turkey in the most technologically advanced clinics by reliable and experienced professionals. Let’s discover the enchanting world of mastopexy in Turkey. Enjoy your reading!

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure performed to give the breasts a firmer appearance. A breast lift’s purpose is to restore a more youthful breast contour, increase breast symmetry, and improve overall breast look.

Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, and heredity can all contribute to sagging or drooping breasts over time. A breast lift tackles these difficulties by removing excess skin, tightening the surrounding tissues, and raising the nipple and areola.

Why Do People Get Breast Lift Surgery?

The reasons why people seek a breast lift are diverse. Mastopexy is chosen by individuals with various concerns. As mentioned earlier, women experiencing sagging issues due to pregnancy and breastfeeding are among those who opt for it. However, breast sagging does not solely result from pregnancy. Genetic factors, aging, and weight fluctuations can also lead to breast sagging. Patients often choose breast lifts due to motivating factors such as health, comfort, and aesthetic considerations. Sagging breasts can not only cause discomfort during daily activities but also negatively impact self-confidence. Therefore, mastopexy addresses multiple expectations simultaneously by providing both functional and aesthetic improvements.


Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

The question of who should choose mastopexy surgery has several answers. Let’s list them right away: The most basic reason is if your breasts appear saggy or droopy. Additionally, aesthetic concerns such as the position of your nipples and the loss of breast volume can make you a suitable candidate for a breast lift.

However, mastopexy is a surgical procedure that involves undergoing anesthesia. Therefore, being in good overall health is important and is a general requirement. Also, your doctor should determine whether you are suitable for the surgery. At this point, a professional plastic surgeon will examine and guide you. Therefore, a preliminary consultation is essential in this process. If you don’t know where to start, let our team guide you. You can quickly obtain information by calling our clinic!

How Much Does Mastopexy Cost in Turkey?

Turkey is the favorite destination for medical tourists due to its affordable prices and quality services. The same applies to mastopexy. Every year, many tourists choose Turkey for breast lift procedures and return home satisfied.

Mastopexy price in Turkey depends on various factors, including the clinic and location you choose, the additional services you opt for, and whether you will undergo other procedures. The healthiest way to obtain price information is to seek consultancy. You can contact us to get information about the mastopexy cost. 

How to Prepare for Mastopexy

Preparing for mastopexy necessitates careful planning and consultation with your plastic surgeon of choice. Begin by scheduling a thorough appointment to discuss your goals, medical history, and any concerns you may have. The surgeon will examine your breast anatomy and provide customized recommendations. If you decide to get mastopexy, make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions. This may entail a medical checkup, medication adjustments, and quitting smoking to improve healing.

Breast Lift Risks and Complications

While breast lift surgery is usually regarded as a safe and effective operation, it does, like any surgical intervention, include inherent risks and potential problems. Infection, hemorrhage, and anesthesia-related complications are all common hazards. Scarring is an unavoidable result, but a skilled surgeon will work to minimize its exposure.

In some situations, complications such as changes in nipple or breast feeding, asymmetry, or difficulties breastfeeding may occur. Poor wound healing, hematoma (blood collection outside blood vessels), and seroma (fluid accumulation) are also possible problems.

Breast Lift Before the Procedure

Before executing a breast lift, thorough preparation and consultation are essential. Begin by scheduling a thorough consultation with a trustworthy plastic surgeon. At this meeting, you should discuss your expectations, medical history, and any concerns you may have. The surgeon will assess the form of your breasts, discuss probable results, and provide personalized recommendations.

If you smoke, it is strongly encouraged that you stop several weeks before the surgery, since smoking may slow recovery and increase the likelihood of complications. A healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and regular exercise can improve overall health and aid in the recovery process.


Breast Lift After the Procedure

A vital phase begins after breast lift to ensure a smooth and efficient recovery. Following the treatment, your surgeon will provide you with specific postoperative care instructions. Following these guidelines is essential for effective healing and getting the desired results.

Your doctor may prescribe pain relievers and anti-infective medications. It is vital to wear a supportive surgical bra as advised by your doctor to aid in the healing process and decrease edema. During the initial recovery period, it is vital to limit physical activities and follow any lifting and hard training restrictions. Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your surgeon to track progress, discuss any issues, and ensure optimal healing.

FAQ’s About Breast Lift

Will a breast lift procedure change the size of my breasts?

The primary goal of mastopexy is to lift and firm the breast, which indicates that it does not create a noticeable change in size. If you wish to increase the size of your breasts, a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation, or a plastic surgeon can provide you with the most suitable alternative.

How does mastopexy affect breastfeeding?

While the procedure itself does not directly involve the removal of glandular tissue responsible for milk production, the answer to this question can also vary based on individual circumstances. Therefore, the healthiest decision will be made through examination and doctor supervision.

What is the difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation and breast lifts are two unique cosmetic procedures that address various aspects of breast appearance. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshapes sagging or drooping breasts by rearranging breast tissue and removing extra skin. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, focuses on increasing breast size and fullness through the use of implants or fat transfer.

How long do the results of a breast lift last?

The duration of mastopexy results will vary from person to person. Factors such as individual anatomy, genetics, age, and lifestyle play a prominent role in this outcome. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and engaging in regular exercise are important after the surgery.

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