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Endoscopic Mid-Facelift: Benefits,
Risks, Cost & Procedure


Seeking a swift and effective path to a firmer, more radiant appearance? Explore the transformative benefits of the mid-face lift at Arif Eroğlu Clinic — a procedure designed to reshape your look with simplicity. If you’re new to this topic, fret not! Our blog comprehensively addresses all your questions. Dive in to learn more!

What is an Endoscopic Mid-Facelift?

The endoscopic mid-face lift targets individuals in the 25-45 age range, intending to rejuvenate the malar fat pad, which is the upper adipose tissue of the front part of the cheek. This procedure addresses sagging in the mid-face region, impacting the eyelids, cheekbones, and the area around the mouth.

The Endoscopic Mid-facelift Procedure

During the mid-facelift procedure, diminutive incisions are created inside the oral cavity on both sides and at each temple, discreetly positioned behind the hairline. The adipose tissue and muscles of the cheeks are elevated to their natural position on the cheekbones. This elevation also results in uplifting the corners of the mouth, smoothing the creases at the sides of the mouth, and enhancing the convergence of the cheek and lower eyelid. 


Benefits of Endoscopic Mid-Facelift

The endoscopic mid-facelift brings numerous benefits with its immediate results, advanced methods, and more. Here are a few advantages of the endoscopic mid-facelift:

  • Subtle, concealed openings
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Preservation of hair
  • Diminished sensation
  • Accelerated recuperation
  • Authentic, unaltered aesthetic outcome
  • Completed in 1-2 hours
  • Natural looking results
  • Enhanced confidence

Risks of Mid-facelift Surgery

Every cosmetic surgery procedure, including mid-facelifts, comes with inherent risks, making an initial consultation crucial for understanding potential hazards before surgery. The potential mid-facelift side effects encompass:

  • Ecchymosis
  • Extended edema
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Risk of infection
  • Discomfort
  • Formation of scars

Mid-Facelift vs Full-Facelift

A mid-facelift and a complete facelift share similarities, but the latter is a more extensive and invasive procedure, targeting the entire face from the neck to the forehead. In contrast, a mid-facelift specifically addresses the area between the upper lip and the corner of the eyes.

Opting for a full facelift is ideal for addressing wrinkles in the forehead and looser neck skin. Meanwhile, a mid-facelift focuses on tightening the skin around the cheeks, although a full facelift also achieves this outcome.

While the initial recovery period for a full facelift is comparable to that of a mid-facelift, it’s important to note that the incision in a full facelift may be larger. After a complete facelift, individuals can typically resume normal activities within two weeks, experiencing full results within two to three months.

Candidates for a Mid-facelift

A mid-facelift is generally more suitable for younger individuals without significant sagging in the lower face. It is an optimal choice for those who are troubled by the depletion of volume in the cheeks and the presence of pronounced smile lines.

Is Anesthetic Used During Mid-facelift Surgery?

Certainly, anesthetics play a role in mid-facelift surgery. The choice of anesthesia depends on your preferences and the surgeon’s guidance. Some individuals may opt for general anesthesia to ensure a more profound level of comfort during the procedure. Alternatively, mid-face lifts can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation.

Will I Have Scarring From My Cheek Lift?

Similar to any surgical procedure, a cheek lift surgery will leave scars. The surgeon strategically places incisions along the hairline, starting at the temples, curving around the ears, and concluding at the lower scalp—this marks the site of facelift scars. These scars can be discreetly hidden within the natural folds of your face and seamlessly blended into your hairline.


How Much Does a Mid-Face Lift Cost in Turkey?

Considering the mid-facelift price Turkey is a crucial aspect when contemplating the procedure. In Turkey, mid-face lifts can be conducted at a significantly lower cost compared to other nations.

The average expense for a mid-face lift in Turkey is approximately $4,000, contingent upon the surgeon and geographical location. This cost encompasses the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia expenses, and other associated costs. Before committing to a mid-face lift in Turkey, it is essential to conduct a thorough cost comparison with other countries, ensuring both the surgeon’s quality and the procedure meet high standards. For additional information on this matter, feel free to contact us!  

What is The Recovery Time for a Mid-Face Lift?

The typical duration for mid-face lift recovery spans from one to two weeks. Optimal results hinge on strict adherence to the postoperative guidelines provided by your surgeon. These typically include recommendations such as keeping your head elevated to mitigate swelling.

Is a Mid-Face Lift Painful?

Patients will undergo general anesthesia for the duration of the mid-face lift procedure, ensuring they remain pain-free. Post-procedure, individuals may encounter mild bruising and swelling, but these effects typically diminish rapidly. Over-the-counter pain relievers and adhering to the prescribed aftercare guidance will mitigate any potential discomfort.

How Long Does Cheek Lift Results Last?

Numerous benefits accompany a cheek lift, such as immediate and enduring outcomes. Following your cheek lift, your face will exhibit a more youthful and smoother appearance right away. Generally, these results persist for approximately a decade, though individual experiences may vary.

Is a Mid-Face Lift Worth It?

Deciding mid-facelift proves to be an excellent choice for individuals seeking a rejuvenated and youthful visage, accentuated cheekbones, and revitalized eyes. If you have issues with the mentioned areas, a mid-facelift is certain to be worth it! It not only enhances physical appearance but also boosts confidence! 

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