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How much is Vaser Liposuction Cost in Turkey?


In general, the Vaser Liposuction prices in Turkey begin at approximately 2800 euros. Nevertheless, the ultimate cost might differ taking into account some specific factors like the exact clinic or hospital chosen, the skills of the surgeon, the areas dealt with, and others that are to be added to the package. The individual should carry out intense research about different clinics, talk to them about their specific requirements and expectations, and most importantly, ask questions regarding the treatment’s full costs, which may also include pre-operative assessments, post-operative care, and any possible revisional surgeries.

What factors influence the cost of Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey?

The price of Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey differs from the other factors. First, the reputation and experience of the clinic and doctor as potential surgeons are crucial. Renowned clinics and surgeons with many years of experience charge a higher fee for the success of their surgeries based on their experience and reputation.

Moreover, the site of the clinic in Turkey can result in a higher cost which urban centers often charge more as compared to rural areas. This is in addition to the number of areas to be treated and the complexity of the process that is involved as they determine the final costs. Besides that, surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and pre-op exams are also part of the overall cost of this surgery.        


What are the advantages of getting Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Vaser Liposuction in Turkey is often more affordable compared to many Western countries.
  • Experienced Surgeons: Turkey has many experienced and skilled surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Many clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer modern facilities and advanced technologies.
  • Travel Opportunities: Patients can combine their surgery with a visit to Turkey, enjoying its cultural and tourist attractions.

Is Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey safe?

Safety is the prime issue of all the people applying for Vaser Liposuction in Turkey. Qualified and experienced surgeons like Dr. Arif Eroglu safely perform the Vaser Liposuction. Nonetheless, like any other surgical procedure, there are built-in risks and possible complications with this type of Liposuction. Patients must do their homework and realize their medical history, expectations, and worries with their surgeon completely to be sure they are well-informed and ready for the surgery. 

What is included in the cost of Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey?

The cost of Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey is made up of different parts. Such costs can be made up of surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, facility fees, pre-operative tests, and post-operative garments or medications. Patients need to discuss with the surgeon or the clinic what is covered in the procedure as well as any other costs that are not included.

How long does recovering from Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey take?

The recovery period in the case of Vaser Liposuction surgery performed in Turkey typically differs from one person to another because it is dependent on the extent of the intervention. Generally, patients are scheduled to return to their regular activities within a week or two after the procedure. Nonetheless, complete recovery may have a time frame of several weeks to months after which patients should follow the instructions of their surgeon perfectly to get the best healing and results.


What risks and complications are associated with Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey?

As with any surgical treatment, Vaser Liposuction in Turkey can result in risks and side effects. These could include infection, bleeding, fluid accumulation, numbness or sensation changes, irregularities of skin, and seroma or hematoma formation. Patients should be informed about the possible risks of this surgery, and they should discuss these with their surgeon before they choose treatment and post-operative care options. As Dr. Arif Eroglu is an expert, he will help patients who plan Vaser Liposuction surgery in Turkey by offering them professional advice and assistance.

Vaser Liposuction with Dr. Arif Eroglu

Opting to have Vaser Liposuction with Dr. Arif Eroglu guarantees the patient that the procedure will be carried out by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Specialized in Vaser Liposuction procedures, Dr. Eroglu’s dedicated approach to patient safety and comfort makes him a qualified specialist in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Eroglu takes a systemic approach to consultations, aiming for natural-looking results and personalized care. His method unites accuracy and creativity to carve the body in a very perfect way, keeping harmony and balance. Dr. Arif Eroglu is the expert to lead patients every step of the way in their Vaser Liposuction journey, from initial consultation through to post-operative care, as they will enjoy a great and satisfying experience with long-lasting aesthetic improvements.

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