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Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)
Surgery in Turkey

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, is a surgery done for the breasts to be reduced, erected, and aesthetically shaped.
during adolescence, breasts can grow with hormonal effects. In addition, breast growth may occur after pregnancy or for other reasons. In the enlarged breast, the hanging tissues loosen over time and with the effect of gravity, the breasts hang and create a shape problem. Complications such as pain due to weight growth outside the shape of the breast, development of back and neck muscles such as weightlifters, sweating and diaper rash under the breast, and bra straps cutting shoulders due to weight are common.
The only way to reduce the size, erect and recover breasts is plastic surgery. Sports, massages or cosmetics used externally; does not correct the deformation in the breast.
Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia in hospital conditions. Operation time may vary according to the technique applied in the surgery. According to the size and sagging of the breast it takes 3, 5-4 hours to complete the surgery.

Breast reduction surgery, surgery techniques and scars?

There is no single breast reduction surgery; There are many surgical techniques that are being applied today. In all breast reduction operations, incision and tissue removal are performed. In the case of surgical incision, there is a scar on the skin in all techniques. The subject of the scar should be discussed in detail with the patient.

Only the cut around the nipple technique (Benelli technique): It is a technique that aims to reduce the breast by making only the cut around the nipple: Although the initial scar might seem attractive to the patient as the scar is very small at the beginning, it have many downsides and it doesn’t give very good results, first it is not possible to reduce the breast size to the desired extent, forming the of the flattening appearance of the nipples, and most importantly because the scars will widen in time and distort the image.

The inverted T-shaped scar technique: Currently, it is the most used technique in the world and in Turkey for breast reduction surgeries. It is a technique in which horizontal incisions are made around the nipple, perpendicular to the nipple curvature down the nipple and along the nipple fold. It is a classic method. The biggest drawback is that it has a big incision mark.

Vertical mammaplasty (vertical breast reduction): Compared to other techniques, it is a fairly new method of breast reduction. In this technique, an incision is made substantially around the nipple and perpendicular to the nipple curvature. The incision made along the bottom of the breast is either not made at all or is made too small to remove excess skin. It is also very effective in shaping the breast (breast rounding) because there is no long incision placed under the breast. And it is possible to maintain the shape of the breast in the long term.

After a Breast reduction (recovery)

The patient stays in the hospital one night after the operation and can be discharged the next day. Generally, the postoperative period is quite comfortable and there is no serious pain. The patient takes a shower after 3-4 days and can return to work after a week. When self-melting stitches are used, there is no problem of stitching. After surgery, we ask the patient to use sports bra for an average of one month.
It normally takes an average of 3-6 months for the breasts to form and the color of the scars to fade after surgery. In the vertical mammoplasty technique, the upper parts of the breasts will appear to be curved and the lower parts of the breasts flattened; in addition, there may be some creases in the vertical incision line, but all of them will recover within 3 to 6 months; the breast is shaped downward and all irregularities in the skin disappears. scars also lose their prominence.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Since the continuity between the nipple and the breast tissue forming the milk underneath is not disturbed, there is usually no milking problem

Complications After Breast Reduction Surgery

Infection and hematoma are the first complications that come to mind in breast reduction surgery as in any other operation. All possible precautions are taken to prevent infection during surgery. However, this will never reset the possibility of infection. In order to prevent hematoma, all of bleeding areas are meticulously stopped during surgery.

Another possible problem is skin loss. In order to eliminate this possibility, while shaping the breast, we try not to disturb the blood supply by compressing the breast tissue in the middle, especially the nipple.

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