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Facetite & Necktite Surgery in Turkey

dr. arif eroglu

FaceTite is a modern non-surgical facelift cosmetic procedure that irons the skin by delivering radiofrequency heat. It is very effective tighten the skin and reduce the fat in the area of application. It is mainly applied to the lower face and neck area to get rid of the moderate to mild sagging and fine lines.

How is FaceTite & NeckTite applied?

FaceTite is applied through incision points on the lateral neck area. Firstly, the anesthesia solution is instilled. Lateral passes are made with the FaceTite probe. Nextly, the passes are made with the FaceTite probe where heat is created by passing the energy from the deep probe to the more superficial probe. The skin is pinched in between those two electrodes. Underlying probe treats the neck and the lateral jawline. As for the jowl and jaw line area, the treatment is made subcutaneously and reaches until the marionette lines. The energy passes from single direction which is unique to FaceTite device. 

Neck treatment takes to 1 hour 

Jowl and Jaw Line treatment takes1 hour

Advantages of FaceTite

Minimally Invasive

Hospital stay is not needed 

Can be done in the office under local anesthesia

Alternative to a traditional face lift surgery

The effects can last for several years

What is the difference between FaceTite and NeckTite?

It is the same procedure. The only difference is the handpiece. NeckTite’s handpiece is designed for the skin around the neck as this area is prone to aging. This treatment lessens the appearance of loose skin around the neck.

Arif Eroğlu

Surgeon Arif Eroğlu was born in 1971 in İzmir. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1993. In 2001, he qualified as a surgeon of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in0 Ankara Dışkapı Training and Research Hospital. Since 2003, he has developed new techniques in body shaping especially with laser lipolysis and has achieved major success in this field.

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