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Infinity Lift in Turkey

Infinity Lift


It is possible to fight sagging skin without surgical applications.


* Natural
* Non-surgical
* Long-lasting

What you’re curious about:
* Why should permanent threads be chosen?
* Why is this a real facelift procedure?
* How many years do Thread Lift threads last?
* Why are the threads under the skin invisible?
* Can the threads be removed if desired?

Due to the absence of elongation in the biomaterials of the Infinity Lift components under body heat or mechanical stress, there is no loss of tension in the tissue over time.

The minimal flexibility of the thread allows natural facial movements without hindrance while providing a simpler, more precise, and much faster facelift effect.

To achieve a satisfactory facelift result, one must move beyond simplistic approaches.

The Infinite-Lift® technique, through non-aggressive incisions for the patient’s tissue, ensures non-stretched flexibility and excellent anchorage.

Over time, tissues sag due to the effects of gravity. As a result, the temples and cheekbones droop; midface, nasolabial, and marionette lines deepen; cheeks, jowls, and neck sag.

When lying flat in bed and looking in the mirror, the more youthful and better appearance before sagging is immediately noticeable.

Infinite-Thread® is equipped with patented gear technology that efficiently and smoothly retracts tissues to their previous positions, allowing for an instant and completely natural-looking rejuvenation.

Infinite-Thread® represents a true alternative to surgical facelifts.

Infinite-Thread® provides a non-surgical facelift through permanent suspension threads.

Infinite-Thread® is a patented cog thread designed to effectively and long-lastingly treat sagging on the face and neck. It is 100% made in France.

Infinite-Thread® is made from medical-grade solid silicone and high-quality molded polyester. This combination of materials combines polyester’s strength and medical-grade silicone’s flexibility. These materials have been a reference for permanent suspension threads since 2008 and have never shown any signs of inflammation or allergies.

Infinite-Thread® has a unique patented gear technology that makes it the most effective thread to date. There are 4 gears placed in 8 axes every 1.5 millimeters, meaning over 800 gears along the entire length of the thread. The patented design of the notches in Infinite-Thread® does not damage subcutaneous tissues, ensuring impressive results for facelifts. Infinite-Thread® is designed to be effective even in advanced sagging cases.

Infinite-Thread® is produced in France using biomaterials (polyester and medical-grade solid silicone) that have been used in the medical industry for over 50 years. It is CE marked, guaranteeing its suitability for patient safety in the European Union.

Infinite-Thread® is non-allergenic, does not leave scars, is placed under local anesthesia, and is easily monitored. It can be easily applied in clinical conditions.

In the first week, only mild swelling is observed in the temples and cheekbones. Subsequently, there is no significant pain, discomfort, or tingling sensation.

Infinite-Thread® is characterized by 3 qualities that explain its durability:

1. The thread remains intact, as the biomaterials that make it up are neither absorbed nor deformed by the body.
2. The thread is not elastic and therefore does not stretch with increased muscle and fat loads on the face.
3. The thread has 800 patented special gears that provide exceptional grip and ensure it remains in place after being implanted.

A permanent intervention should always be reversible. Therefore, Infinite-Thread® is designed to be removed at any desired time without leaving any marks or traces, ensuring a complication-free removal. When deemed necessary, the threads can be removed, leaving no trace of their passage.

Using Infinite-Thread® requires every physician to receive specialized training. This ensures that the patient is treated by a certified doctor with true expertise that will deliver high satisfaction. This guarantees satisfaction for both the doctor and the patient.

Three Key Features of Infinite-Thread®:

Polyester Core Thread:
A biocompatible material that has been used in the medical industry for over 50 years, offering tensile strength greater than 25 Newtons.

Solid Silicone Coating:
A biocompatible material that has been used in the medical industry for over 50 years, producing minimal fibrosis. (4 notches every 1.5 mm).

Patented “8-zone” Hook:
Each series is molded by 45° rotation for optimal hooking of tissues, both upper and lower series, for maximum hooking of tissues. The conical shape of the reverse-turning gears ensures optimal efficiency even in significant sagging, without any gear reversal. The rounded shape of the tip of the gears makes Infinite-Thread® gentle and atraumatic for the patient’s tissues, even in sizes smaller than 0.5 mm.

The diameter of Infinite-Thread® is only 1.4 mm, making it completely invisible and insensitive under the patient’s skin. The thread’s purple color and visibility to ultrasound systems allow for easy localization in case of removal. The entry point of the thread is sometimes made in front of the tragus to prevent hair penetration. This type of implantation, if there is significant tension, can create irreversible wrinkles between the eye and the ear, leading to disappointing results. Therefore, it is necessary to anchor the thread higher. The Infinite-Lift® technique provides wrinkle-free effectiveness by suspending the temporal area 1 to 2 cm above and in front of the upper part of the ear. Moreover, this high-level implantation must be performed at a deep level. The threads should be positioned in the temporal area, making contact with the SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System), and located beneath the malar fat pad. The greatest innovation of the Infinite-Lift® technique is to achieve the desired durability by combining the cheek threads. This connection is made using two customized, notched permanent suspension threads. They are implanted beneath the scalp and create two loops secured by a knot (the infinite symbol, from which the technique gets its name) on top. These threaded loops, hanging from the notches, provide long-lasting tension to the entire system. The thread’s flexible structure and soft notches do not resist facial movement and do not cause chronic pain. The use of notched permanent suspension threads in this technique is fully reversible, providing peace of mind to both the patient and the physician. This means that the threads can be removed at any time without lasting effects or time limitations. Additionally, the Infinite-Lift® technique, when applied using cannulas without a scalpel, eliminates the risks of allergy, devascularization, nerve damage, or scarring. Note: The provided text contains specialized medical and technical terminology related to cosmetic procedures. It’s important to consult a medical professional or expert in this field for accurate and comprehensive understanding and advice.

Arif Eroğlu

Surgeon Arif Eroğlu was born in 1971 in İzmir. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1993. In 2001, he qualified as a surgeon of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in0 Ankara Dışkapı Training and Research Hospital. Since 2003, he has developed new techniques in body shaping especially with laser lipolysis and has achieved major success in this field.

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