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Thulium Laser​ Surgery in Turkey

Thulium Laser

Thulium Laser Spot Treatment

Thulium Laser could be considered one of the most cutting-edge laser technologies. It is a microfractional laser with a wavelength of 1927nm. Due to its targeting of melanocytes, the effects of Thulium Laser can last for an extended period. It may serve as an effective safeguard against the recurrence of spots.

Thulium Laser is renowned globally and in the media for its skin rejuvenating effects while treating pigments, often referred to as the ‘Baby Face.’ Hollywood celebrities undergo this treatment monthly to maintain the transparency and radiance of their skin.

As with all medical procedures, Thulium Laser applications should be administered by medical professionals, as it is a crucial procedure.

In Which Treatments Is Thulium Laser Used?

Thulium Laser can be frequently used for the treatment of sunspots, age spots, and irregularly shaped discolorations known as melasma, which is particularly common in women and can be challenging to treat.

The most effective laser system used in melasma treatment is THULIUM LASER. Melasma consists of gray-brown patches on the skin caused by genetic factors. These patches are not solely attributed to genetic factors; they can also be influenced by stress, sun exposure, sudden weather changes, and emotional state.

Individuals who undergo melasma treatment with Thulium Laser should always be prepared for the possibility of the spots returning, even if they have completely faded. Melasma patients should protect their skin throughout their lives.

Thulium Laser, especially used for spot treatment, has a powerful effect on removing spots. In addition to spot treatment, it can also erase fine wrinkles, tighten and moisturize the skin, stimulate new elastin-collagen production, minimize pores, and give the skin a revitalized and radiant appearance. Thulium Laser enhances skin quality and rejuvenates by restructuring the skin.

What is the Working Principle of Thulium Laser?

During application, it may affect the junction layer between the cuticle and the cuticle. By targeting melanin-producing melanocytes, it can burst these cells and cause micro-damage in the stained areas.

It can have a working system based on the principles of self-healing of the skin. By initiating elastin-collagen production with the stimulation of repair mechanisms, it can tighten the skin and create a baby-like skin.

What Should Be Considered After Thulium Laser?

After Thulium Laser application, slight pinking and edema may occur on the skin. This skin color and edema may be completely temporary. It may be necessary to support the skin with moisturizing cream and sunscreen creams after Thulium Laser.

What are the Effects of Thulium Laser Application?

  • It can lighten the color of blemishes.
  • It may lighten the color of superficial melasma.
  • It might reduce wrinkles.
  • It could delay the aging process.
  • It may illuminate the skin.
  • It might whiten the skin.
  • It can diminish pigmentation.
  • It may correct skin laxity.

What are the Advantages of Thulium Laser?

The superiority of Thulium Laser over other laser systems used for spot treatment can be listed as having a lower risk of side effects, practical application, and requiring fewer sessions.

In our clinic, Thulium Laser treatment can be administered in a single session.

When Is the Effect of Thulium Laser Seen?

Thulium laser can provide rapid healing in a very short period of time. The effects of the treatment may start to be observed within one week. However, the full impact might become apparent within three weeks.

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